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How to tackle the third section of the GAMSAT exam. Primary details to note are as follows:

  • 110 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 170 Minutes (2 Hour, 50 Minutes)
  • Approximately 1 Minute, 30 Seconds per question (90 seconds)

Time will be your biggest enemy during the GAMSAT exam.

Timing Table

You can review the following table to ensure you don’t run out of time. This table is for SECTION III.

Time (Minutes) # of Questions Completed
15 10
30 20
45 30
60 40
75 50
90 60
105 70
120 80
135 90
150 100
165 110
170 110

I wrote the approximate time I should be at on the exam paper in 10 question intervals. For example: if the exam started at 14:00 (after perusal time), I skipped to question 11 and wrote 14:15. I then worked towards getting to that question by that time. At 14:15 (or when I reached my checkpoint), I wrote my next checkpoint; 14:30 at question 21, and so on…

You should try to have a few minutes at the end to review questions you may have skipped over. This can be quite difficult due to the difficulty of completing the questions within the given time-frame in the first place.

For Section 3, I got my hands on 10 Ozimed exam papers. You may or may not get these on Amazon – depending on availability.

Ozimed & Acer Exam Papers

Other than the Ozimed Papers, I proceeded to read all of the following books in preparation for Section 3.

Recommended Reading for Chemistry

Recommended Reading for Physics

Recommended Reading for Biology