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GAMSAT Section I

How to tackle the first section of the GAMSAT exam. Primary details to note are as follows:

  • 75 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 100 Minutes Timeframe (1 Hour, 40 Minutes)
  • Approximately 1 Minute, 20 Seconds per question (80 seconds)

Time will be your biggest enemy during the GAMSAT exam.

Timing Table

You can review the following table to ensure you don’t run out of time. This table is for SECTION I.

Time (Minutes) # of Questions Completed
15 12
30 23
45 35
60 46
75 57
90 68
100 75
For section 1, I worked through this exam crackers book – which includes explanations of the answers and reasoning.
After, I worked through all of these verbal reasoning problems on – which have a lot of similar type quesitons.

Recommended Reading

This book is a great resource, I cannot recommend it enough in preparation for the GAMSAT. This book is specific to Section 1.

Recommended Reading for Section 1